Rising Home Values Can Boost Your Mortgage Refinance – NerdWallet Rising mortgage rates are cutting the flow of mortgage refinances to a trickle. By now, many people who could have benefited from a lower rate have done so.

The company predicts that U.S. home prices increase about 3 percent in 2017. also have an incentive to loosen lending standards if rising mortgage rates continue to dampen demand for mortgage.

As you can see, house prices don't just fall when interest rates rise.. In other words, home prices may rise even if mortgage rates increase,

With home values rising, it’s time to refinance. "Cash-Out Refinance", or a debt consolidation loan, is a cornerstone of our business. A refinance that lowers your interest rate and gives you the capital that you need to pay off credit cards, student loans, vehicles, boats and home improvement projects.

Do I need an appraisal to refinance my home? Like millions of other homeowners, I recently refinanced my home mortgage. The result is, I’m saving thousands of interest dollars. But the key to the successful refinancing. borrowers need to know.