Prodigy lending and Plano 5/1 arm rates


We guarantee value and choice at Prodigy Lending for the home loan needs. There are many mortgage programs to choose from. They range from a fixed rate to variable rates and a mix of both. The Plano 5/1 arm rate has a five year fixed rate and subsequent yearly variable rates. We have the best mortgage professionals in the United States to help you choose the right product for your home needs. These experts have experience of many years in the mortgage business. They will quickly guide you to choose your dream home, first home, refinance your existing loan, or consolidate debt.

We have quite a number of unique loans as outlined below.

Conventional home loans

These loans are 3% down on down payment have a lower PMI compared to FHA loan, and Flexible payment terms ranging from 10 to 30 years. They also have low-interest rates for healthy credit scores with no lender fees!

FHA home loans

The loan has a 3.5% discounted down payment, easy qualification process, and attractive interest rates. We also offer a loan rehab facility and a higher debt-income ratio.

VHA home loans

These loans are 100% financed and have no mortgage insurance. Their closing cost is lower, is easy to qualify and the best rates on government loans are offered.

USDA home loans

The loan is also 100% financed at a low rate with no down payment, the low-interest rate for 100% loan and low mortgage insurance cost. You must qualify for income and home location.

Our chief goal is to create and sustain long-lived relationships with all our clients. We love to continue providing exemplary service for many years. We keep your information safe unlike other large mortgage companies operating in the United States. We are trusted in the lending community.

Our mortgage professionals are available on call to serve you. You can also visit our sites and make use of the available interactive tools. We look forward to serving you.

Our services have excelled in the last over 17 years. The services have been award-winning.

You can start enjoying these services immediately start your pre-approval process now.

We have won the United States workplace awards for the last eight years in a row. We are honored for that recognition.

Our rates are very competitive!

For the most current and lowest rates in a mortgage, visit Prodigy Lending. We have a home center with all our available competitive, low-cost mortgage loan deals.

We have built a name to become one among the best private mortgage lenders of the United State. Our home loan program options are specific to your home needs.

If you are interested in buying or refinancing to a lower mortgage, Prodigy Lending is the company to offer all this and many other home loan facilities.

Our mortgage rates are, low, and current. We monitor the mortgage market on a daily basis to give these rates. We can share this information with you, fill a short form, and get a quick no-obligation quote.

Feel free to contact us today for more home loan information!