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You may have come across Prodigy Lending in the direct mortgage lenders reviews in Celina. That is because we are recognized as the best private lender with the lowest and always most current mortgage interest rates in Celina. First, we have a super team of highly trained and experienced loan officers to offer service to our clients. Second, our home mortgage products are superior in cost and interest pricing to any other in the market. We put this winning combination together and our clients are homeowners with no sweat, affordably, and in the shortest time possible. Come to us for your home loan at the best Celina 30-year mortgage rates today.

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USDA Home Mortgage 
  • Fully Financed 
  • Zero Down Payment!
  • Very low-Interest Rates 
  • Minimal insurance cost 
  • Subject to Income limits and location eligibility
Veterans Affairs Program Home Loans
  • Veterans entitled to  100% Financing 
  • VA Loans closing cost is lower with no insurance cost
  • Privileged qualification
  • Best Government Loan rates 
FHA Mortgage Home Loans
  • Regulated deposit of 3.5% 
  • Easy Qualifications but the strict debt-to-income ratio
  • Flexible Interest Rates with added refinancing options
Traditional Mortgage Financing 
  • Down Payment at 3%
  • Exceptional low-interest rates 
  • No lender commissions
  • Lower PMI comparatively
  • 10, 15, 20, or 30-year term options


Prodigy Lending always blends in with the local community and treat our clients like one large family for whom we care very much. We value their privacy and always endeavor to protect their confidential records and documents to keep our relationship strong beyond the first loan. We have made a name for ourselves as the best private mortgage lender with the best 30-year fixed mortgage rate in Celina among the much more attractive ones we offer.

We welcome you to our offices to see what more we offer and get your questions answered. We have an active call center in case you prefer calling or visit our website today.


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At the top and happy to house citizens for that is our core business. Thank you for making us winners!


Competitively Current Mortgage Rates at Prodigy Lending 

Prodigy Lending is a premier private mortgage lender with offices in Celina and the rest of the country offering home purchase loans at very competitive rates fitting everyone’s needs. Our multiple mortgage loan products for home purchase and refinancing are fairly priced and we subject them to very low-interest rates allowing for easy to pay monthly installments.

We base our mortgage rates on daily market reports and are able to develop very current home loan rates in Celian, a fact that gives us an edge over the competition. Come to us for a quick quote of these rates to do your own evaluation.

Feel free to contact us today for more home loan information!