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Prodigy Lending has a super combination of top-level mortgage loan packages and equally top mortgage professionals dedicated to first-class service delivery. We offer home loan packages including the popular Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that caters to first time home buyers and those with modest incomes. For folks living in areas classified as rural, we offer the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) home loans designed to encourage rural development. We also have something for the valiant men and women serving our country in the military through the Veterans Affairs program with discounted home loan interest rates in Flower Mound. Our experienced mortgage finance officers will work with you to understand fully your needs before making appropriate suggestions and eventually putting together for you a great package with the lowest interest rates on home loans in Flower Mound. Come to our offices and will work together to get you a home at the lowest possible rates.

A Super Mix of Mortgage Loan Rates for You!

FHA Home Loans
  • Down payment set at 3.5%
  • Easy FHA Program qualifications
  • Optional supplementary funding
  • Lower Interest rates
  • Higher requirements for Debt-to-Income ratio
USDA Home Loan
  • Loan amount fully financed
  • No Down payment demanded
  • Low insurance costs and Interest rates
  • Subject to Income limitations and home location
VA Mortgage Loans for Veterans
  • Entire loan 100% financed
  • Mortgage insurance zero-rated
  • Nominal closing costs
  • Qualification open to veterans
Conventional Market Mortgage Loans
  • Conventional Loans have low Down payment at 3.5%
  • Attractive Interest rates and can waive lender fees
  • Have lower PMI in the market
  • Extended mortgage terms of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years

We guard the privacy of our clients and their confidential records jealously as a company policy. This has been noted in the lending community greatly raising our esteem among our lending peers. We are reputed as the private lender with the best home loan interest rates in Flower Mound due to our unique interest rate packages. 


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The Best Mortgage Interest Rates in Flower Mound

At Prodigy Lending, we pride in one offer unique to us – the daily computed interest rates based on market dynamics of any given trading day. What this means is that we offer the most current mortgage interest rates in Flower Mound giving us a very competitive edge and room to work the rates to the benefit of our clients. Whether you seek to refinance on your current home loan are out to make your first home purchase, Prodigy Lending will take care of you with the best costs and lowest rates.

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