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Prodigy Lending has made it quite easy for our clients to reach us and to sample our products without undue stress that comes with office visits. Our presence online is one of the most prominent among the listed internet-based mortgage lenders in the United States. This has ensured that we bring our services right into your home for your convenience and privacy. Every mortgage product we offer, including rates and costs is well laid out on our website that is easy to navigate. In the privacy of your home, you can browse through what we offer and make well-considered choices without the pressure you would encounter with loan officers anxious to underwrite. We have listed all the interest rates on home loans in Plano for ease of reference.

Best Home Loan Interest for You!

USDA Suburban and Rural Mortgage
  • NO Down payment with 100% Loan Financing
  • Low-Interest Rates and Mortgage Insurance Cost
  • Must comply with Income limits and reside in approved Location
FHA Home Loans
  • Low Down Payment 3.5% down
  • Simple qualification requirements
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Rehabilitation Loans granted
  • Debt-to-Income set high for qualification
Veterans Mortgage Loans
  • 100% Financing for the applied amount
  • No Insurance on Mortgage 
  • Lowest closing cost applied
  • Reserved qualification for Veterans
  • Best Government home Loan
Conventional Mortgage Loans
  • Reduced Down Payment  to 3% 
  • Best PMI against FHA Loans
  • Flexible terms – 30, 20, 15 or 10-year mortgages
  • Attractive Interest Rates with good scores
  • Lender Fees waived


Prodigy Lending easily stands out of the mortgage lender crowd in the United States due to its large and loyal clientele. This is because we forge a lasting relationship with our clients, safeguarding their privacy and custody of their confidential documents besides our super attractive mortgage rates. 

Our today’s mortgage interest rates in Plano are simply the best and lowest you will get anywhere. To take advantage of these and many other incentives we offer, please pay us a visit at our offices for a discussion with our loan officers for further guidance. You can also serve yourself on our fabulous website at your convenience. Either way, call today!

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They say winning is easy, staying at the top of the hard part. We have proved them wrong!

Competitive Tailor-made Interest Rates

Mortgage rates are only competitive if they are current and that is what Prodigy Lending specializes in when lending. Using current mortgage interest rates in Plano is a good guide towards achieving realistic rates that resonate with the property market. We are the only leading private mortgage lender in the US using this principle in mortgage rate formulation.

For first home purchase or refinancing, we have the best Plano mortgage interest rate today, so call right away for a quick rate quote to start your pre-qualification.

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