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About Prodigy Lending 

The Prodigy Lending Company introduces you to a whole new efficient mortgage loaning world. We are based all over the United States. Our company is continually reinforcing the customer care service while our professionals are more than ready to help you with your queries concerning home loans. You may have been probably misled by general public views about private mortgage lending companies being offering expensive loans and heart drumming rates. But the Prodigy Lending team proves them all wrong! Today’s mortgage interest rates in Lake Dallas will blow your mind! We have sought to lower them to avoid leaving you out of the page on any home loan. By offering both flexible and fixed interest rates, your renovation plans and new home buying is a dream come true!



  • Apply with only a small 3.0% down payment!
  • No high credit scores
  • PMI is reduced putting FHA into comparison
  • 10 and 15-year short-term mortgages available at low rates
  • 30-year long term flexible mortgages available
  • Pay nil Lender Fees!
  • Acquire FHA loans with 3.5% down affordable for low credit
  • Little monthly rates
  • Avoid shouting interest rates
  • Your debt to income ratio should be high
  • Simply sign up and complete your application in a short period!


  • Apply and save your time!
  • We offer 100% financing on the home loan
  • Current home interest rates are low in Lake Dallas
  • No payment of mortgage insurance!!
  • Our closing costs on the mortgage are low
  • Apply and pay no down payment!!!
  • We are fair at charging interest
  • A very low amount paid on mortgage insurance
  • Give details of your income and home location


We handle customer complaints seriously and prevent similar ones from arising in the future. We do not want to inconvenience anyone with lengthy procedures while applying for home loans. Our trusted database is safe from third parties, unlike other mortgage lending companies. 

You can directly approach all our branches and get quality service. Call or email and our servers will respond promptly. Welcome to our nationwide outlets!

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Our team celebrates in style national recognition as part of the best workplaces in the United States. We promise as the Prodigy Lending home loans to perpetuate such merit in continued client comfort-based services.

We also provide Lake Dallas Adjustable-Rate mortgages a day!

As part of the best private mortgage lenders in the United States, we provide efficient loans with variable rates for homebuyers and clients with debt consolidation plans. Lake Dallas 7/1 adjustable rate mortgages come at affordable rates and may be available for only 7 hours per day. Related rates include the 5/1 adjustable rates in Lake Dallas.

With the changing market, we may also adjust with time in order to avoid exploiting our clients. Most clients should advisably hasten their applications by filling in short forms and get approved.

Feel free to contact us today for more home loan information!