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Prodigy Lending is popular with many first time homebuyers in Lewisville looking to purchase their first house. We have a special fondness for this category because these are citizens in need of a house as a basic necessity and not property speculators out to make money. For this category, we have excellent products with good rates like the most common Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that has very lenient qualification requirements, low down payment, and our special interest rate. We also have niche mortgage products for military personnel and the rural residents through the VA and USDA programs respectively, all supported with the best interest rates on home loans in Lewisville.


FHA Mortgage for First time Homebuyers

FHA Mortgage Loan
    • Good Federal rate of 3.5% Down payment
    • Friendly requirements and attractive Interest rates
    • Supplementary funding applicable
    • Debt-to-Income ratio rules apply
Conventional Market Finance
  • 3% Down Payment on mortgage Loans
  • Better PMI versus other loans
  • Approved scores attract low-Interest rates
  • Lender fees not applicable
  • Short and long term plans – between 10 – 30 years
Veterans (VA) Home Loans
  • 100% Financed
  • Nominal closing costs 
  • Mortgage Insurance not applicable
  • Automatic qualification for Veterans
USDA Home Loan
  • Loan 100% fully financed
  • DOWN PAYMENT waived
  • Affordable Interest rates and insurance cost 
  • Approved location and Income limits to qualify


Prodigy Lending promotes high professional ethics and equally high standards in both service delivery and custody of client records. We strictly enforce the privacy of clients’ transactions including the security of their confidential documents. This is because we like to keep our clients in a lasting relationship serving their financial needs as they arise along the way.

.join this wonderful family and enjoy the best home loan interest rates in Lewisville today. Visit our offices for professional help and advice by our mortgage finance experts at any time during office hours. Alternatively, you can call and still get service or visit our website at your convenience.


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Mortgage Rate Solutions for Low-income Buyers

Prodigy Lending is highly respected among the best private home loan providers in the United States based on our large client portfolio and peer review. We provide a wide variety of home loans for all levels of society at very low-interest rates and costs. Our mortgage loans are especially good for low-income earners with little resources. Through the 30 years fixed mortgage rate in Lewisville plan, we will work with your income capacity to suggest a commensurate loan value that will still get you a decent home.

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