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Prodigy Lending has invested heavily in human resources by engaging the best-trained and experienced mortgage finance professionals to serve our clients in all our offices across the United States. We have used this exceptional expertise to develop excellent home loan products that meet the needs of all levels of income and offer the best interest rates on home loans in McKinney. We also have fixed mortgage rate plans like the popular 30 years fixed mortgage rate in McKinney and the short McKinney15 year mortgage rates that offer the stability of interest rate across the life of your home loan.

Affordable Low Fixed Interest Rates on Home Loans in McKinney

FHA Mortgage Home Loans
  • Low deposit of 3.5% 
  • Lenient Qualifications but the higher debt-to-Income ratio
  • Good Interest Rates with refinancing options
  • Additional Remodeling Loans 
Home Loans under the Veterans Affairs Program
  • VA’s get 100% Financing with no insurance charge
  • VA Loans closing cost is lower
  • Easy to qualification
  • Government Loan with best rates and very low closing costs
USDA Home Mortgage Loan
  • 100% Financing with No Down Payment!
  • Subsidized Interest Rates and low insurance cost on Loan
  • Meet Income limits and live in an eligible location 
Traditional Home Financing
  • Exceptionally low-interest rates with Down Payment at 3%
  • No commissions
  • Lower PMI than FHA loans
  • 10, 15, 20, or 30-year loan term


Prodigy Lending serves with exceptional integrity as the best private mortgage lender, preserving our clients’ privacy and sanctity of their records. We treat our clients like family and greatly treasure their loyalty to us and we always strive to sustain this relationship.

If looking for good home loan interest rates in McKinney, feel free to visit our Center for assistance. You may also call or interact through our modern website.


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Our Work Places always display excellence and passion in service delivery. We are proud of this recognition.


The Most Competitive Mortgage Interest Rates in McKinney

At Prodigy Lending we offer the most competitive and current home loan rates in McKinney through our local Home Loans Center. We also offer different home loan products tailored to meet every homebuyer’s specific needs, especially on affordability. We have loan programs for first time home purchase and refinancing on existing home loans to all categories of our clients. At Prodigy Lending, our loan officers identify your needs and work around that to design a suitable home loan for you.

Our mortgage rates are unique in the market as they are based on daily performance in the market and reflect the correct situation of mortgage interest rates at all times. We will give you the best home loan to buy your first home or if in need of refinancing to restructure your mortgage. Please ask at our Loan Center for a quick quote of our mortgage rates for guidance. 

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