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As much as Prodigy Lending has offices across the US, we have gone a step further and brought our offices right up to your office or home desk through our online presence. Every product and service we offer at our offices is reflected and can be accessed on our website at your convenience wherever you may be. A quick touch of your fingertips and you get all the information you need on current mortgage interest rates in Princeton from the comfort of your home. All different home loan interest rates in Princeton for the mortgage products we offer are easily accessible on our website and can be downloaded for perusal later at your convenience.

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USDA Rural and Suburban Home loans
  • Full financing with no Down payment
  • Very low Insurance cost 
  • Very attractive low-Interest rates
  • Strict Income limits and approved Home location 
VA Mortgage Loan Program
  • Best Government loan with 100% Financing 
  • Mortgage Insurance zero-rated
  • Closing fees much lower
  • Preferential qualification 
Regular Mortgage Loan
  • Floor level 3.0% Down Payment 
  • Has better PMI than FHA Loans
  • Multiple term options – 10, 15, 20 and 30-year plans
  • Better Interest Rates on approved scores
  • Lenders waive their Fees!
FHA Loans
  • Affordable 3.5% Down Payment 
  • Less stringent qualification rules
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Subsidiary loans available for home improvements
  • Must meet Debt-to-Income ratio for eligibility

At Prodigy Lending, we keep our clients beyond their first home loan assisting them with any future lending needs. We look out for their best interests and observe high levels of privacy over their records. Ours is a service of integrity and mutual respect setting us apart as a premier private mortgage provider in Princeton.

Please visit our offices and check out our interest rates on home loans in Princeton and you will not be disappointed. You can also visit our website and access the same information, or call and speak to our loan officers at your convenience. 

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We are masters at what we do and our Work Place superiority speaks for us!


Special Home Loan Products for Modest Income Homebuyers

Prodigy Lending offers a very good 30 years fixed mortgage rate in Princeton for low-income homebuyers that is very easy to manage within their budgets as this program has very low monthly payments that are fixed for the life of the home. 

We also have other products to help our clients looking for loan restructuring through refinancing besides our affordable home purchase loans. Our interest rates are especially unique and the lowest in the mortgage market as we develop them daily in response to market forces.

Apply for a quick quote from our offices to see how our rates are the best for your home loan.

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