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Prodigy Lending is spread across the United States lending to citizens affordable mortgage loans for the purchase of first homes and subsequent refinancing needs. We lead the pack in Lavon County for the best low-cost funding and especially low interest on home loans for low-income borrowers. We have collaborated with State and Federal governments to offer home loans through programs like the Veterans Affairs (VA), the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which are special niche products for target groups. For these and our conventional home loans, we have developed our rate programs to give maximum benefit to our clients such as the Lavon 30-year mortgage rates coupled with the Lavon 7/1 arm rate for example or the 30 years fixed mortgage rate in Lavon that has superb monthly installments for homebuyers with limited resources.

Mortgage Rates for New Homebuyers

USDA Rural and Suburban Housing
  • Down payment not applicable
  • 100% Loan Financing
  • Cheap Interest Rates and Mortgage Insurance 
  • Income limits and Location of residence rules apply
Veterans Affairs Mortgage Program
  • Loan amount 100% Financed 
  • Insurance on Mortgage not applicable 
  • Low closing cost-benefit
  • Reserved for Veterans
FHA Program
  • Good Down Payment at 3.5% 
  • Easy qualification criteria
  • Negotiable Interest Rates
  • Additional Improvement Loans 
Conventional Home Loans
  • Less Down Payment at 3% 
  • Best PMI in the market
  • Choose term plans – 10, 15, 20 or 30-year mortgages
  • Minimum Interest Rates for good scores
  • Lender Fees not applicable
  • High Debt-to-Income for applicants


    That Prodigy Lending has the lowest interest rates on home loans in Lavon is without doubt as can be seen through our large client base. Our reputation in the lending community for integrity in handling client confidentiality and privacy endears our clients and ensures lasting loyalty.

    For the best current mortgage interest rates in Lavon, visit our local office for immediate help. You can also call or visit us on our website for further assistance from our loan officers.

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    The impact of interest rates on borrowing is never a small one and most times, it affects borrowers adversely. That is why Prodigy Lending works hard to bring mortgage rates down to affordable levels for all. A visit to our Home Loans Center in Lavon will help you get a better insight into our mortgage rates and assist you in making informed choices. Whether you are buying or refinancing Prodigy Lending promises you the best and current home loan rates in Lavon.

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